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  Magical   //     Sabine   //     11 Août 2016

Just drive
I’m sick of talking
We know where this is going
I’m done
Take me home

I can’t wait forever
For you to get yourself together
I’d rather be alone

I’m so tired of pretending
Just want a happy ending

Wish I could put a spell on you
Wish I could make you feel like I do
Wouldn’t that be sweet
So magical
Wish I could blink and wave a wand
Get everything that I ever wanted
Put a spell on you
Make it all come true

You talk
From what I know
Guys like you come and go

But I know things can change
See my heart it may be broken
But that wont stop me hoping


I just wanna know what we should’ve done
Wanna figure out what we could have become
Cuz I know in my heart
I’m not over you

I just wanna go back and try it again
Turn back the time
This isn’t the end of us
It isn’t the end of us
It isn’t the end of us
[Refrain x2]